Balancing work and studies

Flexible education model

NTI offers teaching structures that ensure that students with different levels of availability can participate. Flexible study options ensure that all students are able to fit their studies comfortably into their professional and personal lives.

NTI’s highly flexible education model allows students to take short blocks of time out of their busy schedules to attend face-to-face lectures and workshops. Students then return home to complete assignments and further studies, with well-supported programs including interactive online forums, and email and telephone support.  This makes it easy for both local and international students to balance their careers and other life commitments with their study.

All courses can be completed in a minimal timeframe, or can be taken part-time over a longer period.




Master of Arts - Applied Buddhist Studies

18 months

Over a maximum of 5 years – minimum 1 subject per Semester

Graduate Diploma of Applied Buddhist Studies

12 months

Over a maximum of 4 years – minimum 1 subject per Semester

Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies

6 months

Over a maximum of 2 years – minimum 1 subject per Semester

Non-award Special Interest

5 days

Enrol in as many subjects that interest you. Check for spaces at any time of year.

Tailored studies

An NTI student advisor is available to assist you in putting together a program of study at enrolment that works around your current and expected availability throughout the course of your studies. This ensures you have a well-structured program in which each subject builds on your knowledge for maximum learning and personal and professional development.

NTI is also highly flexible during the course of your studies. We understand that life can undergo changes and sometimes plans have to vary. Enrolments in subjects can be made at the beginning of each Semester, or at any time during the year. This allows you to work around any personal or professional commitments, and lets you change a full-time study load to part-time, or increase the pace of your studies by taking additional subjects.

NTI’s only requirement for postgraduate program students is that you complete at least one subject each Semester, unless you make an official application for special consideration.