Non-Award Program

Nan Tien Institute's Non-Award Program allows students to study individual subjects without the long-term commitments, prerequisite restrictions or assignment workload of the Postgraduate Program.

NTI has many students enrolled in the Non-Award Program. Our highly flexible teaching structure means that Non-Award students can either:

  • complete the face-to-face 5 day on-campus lecture component of the subject only (although pre-reading is also highly recommended to enhance students' learning experiences in class); or
  • complete the pre-reading, on campus lectures, and follow-up supported study and assignments. Satisfactory performance in all of these elements gives the student the credit points of the subject, which can be put towards a post-graduate NTI Applied Buddhist Studies qualification in the future. Students can use this option as an entry pathway into NTI's Postgraduate Courses if they don't meet the entry criteria for this study option initially.

Enrolling in NTI's Non-Award Program is easy. Simply select your upcoming subject of interest below and submit an enrolment form.

Upcoming Subjects

17 Jul 2017 to 21 Jul 2017
10 Mar 2017 to 12 Mar 2017, 18 Mar 2017 to 19 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 to 17 Mar 2017