Venerable Faxun

NTI Student, Master of Arts – Applied Buddhist Studies

Venerable Faxun is a Buddhist Nun in the Mahayanese Tradition. She is studying in NTI’s Masters in Applied Buddhist Studies program to upgrade herself academically to be further equipped as an educator in Buddhist wisdoms and meditation. Since being ordained 20 years ago, she has been a religious educator, conducting Buddhist Dharma and mediation classes; authoring books and magazine articles; and assisting international Buddhist organisations. Venerable Faxun is part of NTI’s Scholarship Program, which “takes the financial burden off” her.

“I think it is important for monastics – apart from knowing their own religious field – to also be able to teach and explain Buddhism at an academic level. The academic study of Buddhism is an area that is not widely explored. There are certain views in the Buddhist texts that can offer Western Academia a new perspective. For people who are serious about doing academic work, and who also have a passion for studying Buddhism as a religion, I think Nan Tien (Institute) is a fantastic place.”

See videos on what Venerable Faxun says about why she decided to study at NTI; why we should study Applied Buddhism; how NTI differs from other study experiences; and how the NTI Scholarship Program is assisting her.