Leo Stakenberg

NTI Student, Non-Award Program

Leo Stakenberg is retired from the Army and from running his own business. He has completed two subjects at NTI as a Non-Award Student: “Buddhism and Contemporary Practice’ and ‘Mindfulness: Theory and Practice’ subject. Leo plans to do more study at NTI.

“I’ve certainly been a lot more aware of what is going on (since studying at NTI). Not only just within my own life, but also with other people – the way I react to other people. I’ll be a lot more mindful of what’s going on in my own mind (in the future), as well as when reacting to situations.”

See videos on what Leo says about why he decided to study at NTI; how he will use the knowledge gained at NTI in his life; the best things about studying here; and comments on NTI’s teachers.