Kerrie Saunders

NTI Student, Non-Award Program

Kerrie Saunders runs a private counselling practice. She holds a Cert Psych Nursing, Grad Diploma Counselling and a Masters in Counselling. She is a Fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and Associate Member of the Institute of Group Leaders. Kerrie completed the NTI subject ‘Healing Traditions: Buddhism and Psychotherapy’ in 2013 to help her with her counselling career.

“The learning I’ve had so far at the Nan Tien Institute – some of it fits with what I already know; and some of it expands that; and some of it challenges it – and that’s a good thing. All three areas have been really helpful for me. It will help me to be more settled in my practice. I will be more reflective and I will actually be with my client more, for longer periods of time, and at a deeper level than I have been able to be over the last 15 years.”

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