Dr Chris Kang

NTI Teacher

Dr Chris Kang holds a PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, 2003. Dr Kang also holds qualifications in Occupational Therapy (QLD), Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (USA), Meta-Coaching (USA) and International Studies - International Relations (QLD).

Dr Kang is currently a Buddhist Teacher at the Dhammalaya, Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre, a Director of the Australian Institute for Consciousness Studies, and Honorary Research Advisor at the Uni of QLD. He has supervised PhD and MA research students in Asian religions.

Nan Tien Institute can be thought of as a multi-versity - a very unique institute of higher learning. It embraces multiple strengths of learning and multiple ways of knowing. There are many diverse ways of knowing the truth, of developing and educating ourselves. The way of learning here allows the students and the staff to grow together in a mutually enriching and enhancing way. It draws out our full potential in line with the values of humanistic Buddhism, in a very applicable, socially engaged, yet authentic way.”

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