Daphne Debney

Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies 2013

Graduate Diploma of Applied Buddhist Studies

Daphne Debney is a retired midwife from England, living in Brisbane. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Midwifery. She has extensive professional and academic experience in this field, and wanted to study Applied Buddhism at NTI because she was interested in exploring “Buddhism and Western society. How can Buddhism make itself better understood and accepted, and become ‘Australian Buddhism’?”.

Daphne graduated from NTI with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies in 2013.

 Daphne graduation

“Being a student at NTI is such an extraordinary and enriching experience. I have met the most incredible international tutors here - they have such a broad depth of knowledge and so gladly share this with students. This is such a remarkable opportunity to develop my knowledge of Buddhism. I can’t recommend NTI too highly.”