Catherine Ramos

NTI Student, Master of Arts – Applied Buddhist Studies

Catherine Ramos is a secondary school teacher, and discovered NTI when looking for some material for the school curriculum. She is now enrolled in a NTI Masters – Applied Buddhist Studies program, and is conducting research on the benefits of Buddhist meditation in the education sector in her new role as NTI Research Assistant in NTI’s academic team.

“It’s really an eye-opener – the nature of suffering and the path to the cessation of suffering. That underpins the whole course. The whole course is about ‘we suffer’; ‘how do we relieve ourselves from suffering?’; then ‘how do we relieve others of suffering?’. This is a really big part of the course – your own liberation, and the liberation of everyone else. Every single day I have been able to take something back and apply it to my everyday life.”

See videos on what Catherine says about why she decided to study at NTI; how she will use the knowledge gained at NTI in her personal and professional life; the most rewarding things about studying here; and comments on NTI’s teachers, courses and environment.