Angela Chadwick

NTI Student, Non-Award Program

Angela Chadwick was a fourth-year post-graduate Psychology student at the University of Wollongong when she completed the NTI subject “Heart of Relationship: An Integration of Buddhism and Psychotherapy” in 2013.

“I would definitely recommend NTI to other students wanting to learn more about meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism practices – for their own interest, and also for those people who are in the healing profession to develop knowledge to complement their studies or area of practice. It has been really interesting to compare how in Western psychology our main focus is to reduce people’s symptoms, but with a Buddhist focus it’s a lot to do with allowing people to thrive and flourish in life. Studying at NTI has been a really positive experience and I look forward to learning more.”

See videos on what Angela says about why she decided to study at NTI; the important things she has learnt at NTI and comments on NTI’s lecturers, diverse classes and flexible studies.