Frequently Asked Questions

Join NTI and support our mission to educate students and facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation through the academic study of the arts, education, health and social wellbeing, sustainable business leadership, religions and other disciplines. Your tax-deductible gift to NTI allows us to continue to lead the world in providing academic excellence through holistic education. Every gift, no matter the size, lays a strong foundation of support that will benefit current and future students.

What is the NTI Foundation?

The NTI Foundation is a partnership between the Board of Trustees, our faculty and staff, our alumni, our parents, and friends in the community to raise money annually to enhance the quality of education and to increase access to NTI's unique and innovative global education model.

What is the 2014-2015 Goal?

$1,000,000 is the goal, an impressive amount that will involve the generous support of our Trustees, alumni, faculty and staff, parents, and friends of Nan Tien Institute.

How much should I give?

To help you determine what amount is best for your household, please find a guide of NTI’s annual fund gift ranges:

NTI Associate Membership


The Generosity Path

$25,000 +

The Wisdom Path


The Mindful Path


The Compassionate Path


The Loving Kindness Path


Friends of NTI



$250 - $499


$100 - $249


$2 - $99

Donations to the NTI Foundation have a direct and immediate impact on the advancement of the Institute.

How does the NTI Foundation utilise your gifts?

Each year, NTI examines the NTI Foundation's priorities in accordance with the strategic plan and determines how the Institute’s funds might be used in these areas:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Programs and Facility Enhancements
  • Academic Schools and Departments
  • Faculty and Staff Professional Development

Can I designate my gift for specific purposes other than what is listed above?

Yes, you can designate your gift to a restricted fund or you may choose to give unrestricted funds that allow NTI to utilise your gift in the area of greatest need.

Will my donation really make a difference?

Absolutely! In fact, a dollar to NTI goes further than a dollar to a larger institution and can be directly tied to improving the student experience. It is vital that we receive gifts at all levels. Foundations, corporations, and major donors care about the breadth of support that is shown for the institute. It is just as important that more alumni, more faculty and staff, and more friends contribute toward this goal. Any gift, large or small, is greatly appreciated, and will be acknowledged with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Do you only accept cash gifts?

We will happily accept gifts of securities which may have very positive tax results for you, the donor. In addition, the NTI Foundation Office would be happy to discuss other gift options. Please contact Siena Morrisey, Director - NTI Foundation, on +61 414 620 686 or  if you have questions.

Are gifts accepted anonymously?

Yes, NTI respects any donor's wish to remain anonymous.

Is it possible to make a gift in honour or memory of someone? How is that person or family acknowledged?

This is a great way to honour a loved one, be they family, faculty, staff, or former student, while supporting NTI at the same time. All you need to do is indicate who you would like to honour when you send in your gift. Be sure to also include the person's address or email. We will happily let the honouree or their family know of your gift—however, no amount will be revealed. Your gift will also be noted in NTI’s publications.

What is your matching gift program?

There are many companies in Australia, who have matching gift programs. If you (or your spouse) work for one of these companies, your donation to the NTI Foundation could more than double. Please consult your company's Human Resources Department to secure the appropriate paperwork that can be submitted when you send in your gift.

Where do I send my gift?

Please send your donation to:

Siena Morrisey
Director – NTI Foundation
Nan Tien Institute
Tel:      +61 2 4272 0609

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact the NTI Foundation