Meditation Practices in Chinese Buddhism

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  Lecture Date Census Date Location

Semester 1 2017 15 -19 May 2017 15 May NTI Wollongong Campus

Meditation Practices in Chinese Buddhism’ is an overview of Chinese Buddhist meditative thought and practices, and provides a foundation for further studies in Buddhist meditative thought and practices as a portal to a number of other NTI subjects. 

It provides an in-depth introduction to key concepts and practices of the Chinese Buddhist meditative traditions across sectarian and historical boundaries, from its origin to later developments spanning 2,500 years. It covers the key Chinese Buddhist meditative theories and practices across various traditions, and critically examines the spiritual meaning of life from the Chinese Buddhist perspective. 

The role of Chinese Buddhist theory, meditation, and practice in approaching morality and ethics, as well as contemporary developments in global Chinese Buddhism, are introduced and critically appraised.  

Lecture topics include:

  • Indian Early & Sectarian Buddhism
  • Indian Mahāyāna Buddhism
  • Chinese Pre-Buddhist Practices
  • Indian Meditation in China
  • Early Pure Land School
  • Tiantai School
  • Early Chán School
  • Mere Cognition School
  • Esoteric School
  • Classic Pure Land School
  • Classic Chán School
  • Chán / Pure Land Synthesis
  • Modern Chinese Buddhist Meditation


Attendance and participation in class  Lecture Week (Week 2) 20%
Multi-choice / Short Answer Test (2 hrs)  End of Week 3 20%
Critical review of book or article (800 words) End of Week 3 15%
Final paper on a research topic (2500 words) End of Week 5 45%



Meditation Practices in Chinese Buddhism’ is an elective subject in Nan Tien Institute’s postgraduate Applied Buddhist Studies program.

This 6 credit point subject can be taken as an elective in:

Master of Arts (Applied Buddhist Studies)

72 credit points

Graduate Diploma of Applied Buddhist Studies

48 credit points

Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies

24 credit points

Study costs/scholarships

The total subject cost is $1,250.00 for Domestic students, and $1,600.00 for International students.

Australian students


International students


Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites to study this subject as a non-award student.

There are academic and/or program and work experience prerequisites for studying this subject as part of the NTI Applied Buddhist Studies program. Contact NTI for details on entry requirements.