Mindfulness: Theory and Practice for Schools (QLD)


Key Information

Start: 2nd July 2016
Finish: 3rd July 2016
Duration: 14 hours in total over 2 days
Location: Chung Tian Temple
BOSTES accredited program




Nan Tien Institute (NTI) has unique and powerful professional development opportunities for Teachers. NTI recognises that in this continuously changing world, teachers are frequently challenged to develop new skills, knowledge, and cultural and religious perspectives to contribute to a world-class education.

'Mindfulness: Theory and Practice for Schools' is one NTI subject distinctively tailored for School Teachers. This BOSTES accredited program looks at the variety of applications of mindfulness in the school environment, and examines how teachers can use mindfulness in the creation and maintenance of supportive, safe and effective learning environments.

Subject Description

'Mindfulness: Theory and Practice for Schools' and looks at the variety of applications of mindfulness in the school environment.

It examines how teachers can use mindfulness in the creation and maintenance of supportive and safe learning environments.

Particular emphasis is placed on how teachers can use mindfulness techniques to establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions with students and to promote a supportive classroom environment. Practical mindfulness teaching tools will be explored and how teachers might use these tools to establish and maintain an orderly and workable classroom environment, with a focus on moment-to-moment awareness and learning.

The application of mindfulness as a tool for behaviour management and the establishment of an environment where there are clear expectations of student behaviour, will be addressed. The connection between mindfulness and the relationship between teachers and students, and conflict resolution will be explored; thus, providing teachers with a unique approach to classroom management, through promoting harmony, balance and productivity in the school environment.

The course will explore the application of mindfulness in promoting the well-being of students, through the implementation of a 12-week mindfulness program for students. Teachers will explore and discuss this 12-week course and the varied applications of it in their own schools and the benefits to both students and teachers. The benefits of teaching mindfulness, either as a management tool or as a 12-week program will be explored in promoting students’ physical, social and intellectual development to improve student learning. The course will examine the latest research in the application of mindfulness in schools and how it can be applied in schools, by the classroom teacher, through programs targeting students, such as School for Success, Positive School Programs or other whole school applications.

The course aims to promote mindfulness as a teaching strategy which encourages students’ strengths and the individual and diverse needs of students to meet cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Your Teacher

Catherine Ramos has been a high school teacher with the Department of Education for over 20 years. She has a Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies, and also holds a Bachelor of Education in English and History.

Catherine has been conducting a research project on 'Mindfulness in High Schools with the objective of establishing the efficacy of mindfulness and loving kindness training on Year 10-12 students in the school environment.

The program involves training both students and teachers in Buddhist meditative techniques, and determining the personal and environmental benefits


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Chung Tian Temple
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