Healthy mind: healthy body – upcoming professional development seminar


NTI’s upcoming seminar in the NTI Wellbeing Series is Mind-Body Wellness: Health and the Mind-Body Connection. While modern medicine has largely continued to treat the mind and body as two separate entities, in the past 30 years research has developed clear evidence showing a link between the health of the mind and the health of the body.

Mind-Body Wellness: Health and the Mind-Body Connection will be held:

Thursday 19 May
10am – 2:30pm
NTI Wollongong Campus
231 Nolan St, Unanderra.
Bookings essential.

Research into the links between health and emotions, behaviour, social and economic status and personality, has moved both research and treatment from the fringe of the biomedical, into the mainstream. Find out more about this fascinating topic, and learn techniques and the benefits of applying these principles into your own life and career.


NTI exhibits at The Wellness Show

NTI recently exhibited at Australia’s largest health and wellness expo – The Wellness Show, at the Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney. This large-scale exhibition was a showcase of innovation, opportunities and technology in workplace wellness, healthcare and the wider wellness industry.


Our stand at the Wellness Show

NTI Students Nick Tzanis and Achim Schenk

This popular event featured 120-plus exhibitors, and approximately 8,000 people attended from across Australia, NZ and Asia. Hundreds visited the NTI stand over the three days. Many downloaded the new free NTI Mindfulness Check-in App launched at the show, and visitors filled the NTI Tree of Knowledge with their wishes and affirmations.

Amongst the health and wellness expert presenting seminars over the three days were two academics presenting NTI subject content. These seminars were well attended and received positive feedback.

Dr Leigh Wilson

Venerable Dr Juewei 

NTI Lecturer Venerable Dr Juewei presented a talk on ‘The Quest for Inner Peace: Buddhism in Today’s Society’. Venerable Dr Juewei showed how “Mindfulness – through speech, action and thoughts – can attain inner peace, despite what is happening outside”.

Dr Leigh Wilson presented two talks on ‘Mindfulness for Professionals’ and 

Incorporating Leisure and Mindfulness into Daily Life’. As part of her presentations Dr Wilson discussed the origins of mindfulness, and why the practice is beneficial. Her session also introduced techniques that can be integrated into professional practice.

NTI would like to thank NTI students Achim Schenk and Nick Tzanis who assisted at the NTI stand during the expo, and the hundreds of people who took the time to visit us and sign up for our newsletter.


What are the benefits of studying health subjects with a Buddhist foundation?

As Australia’s first government-accredited tertiary education provider grounded in Buddhist values and wisdom, all of NTI’s subjects have a Buddhist foundation. What is the difference between studying health-related subjects at most other universities and colleges, and studying subjects in NTI’s Health Faculty?

As in other organisations, NTI’s Health and Social Wellbeing subjects draw on a broad range of evidence-based approaches and tools for health and wellbeing. The advantage with NTI’s HSW subjects is that they embody Buddhist philosophy in practice – providing a more holistic, experiential, and reflective learning experience. Students gain knowledge of the interdependence of mind, body and emotions; an awareness of the importance of integrating principles of health, wellness and harmony into life, education and work; as well as an understanding of the development and promotion of health and wellbeing practices that benefit individuals, local communities and societies.

For this reason, those students completing a HSW Masters, or one of the nested qualifications – Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma – will study the core subject Introduction to Buddhism. While each HSW subject can be taken individually as a stand-alone special interest or professional development learning opportunity, the Buddhist background, history and philosophies taught in Introduction to Buddhism provide a sound foundation for the unique advantages of NTI’s Health and Social Wellbeing program.


10 May 2016