Free Public Seminar - Professor Lancaster

The Spread of Buddhism: Ships, Camels, Planes, Electrons

Nan Tien Temple - Conference Room, 180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley (Wollongong), NSW, 2506

Explore a unique view of how Buddhism has spread and found acceptance around the world, both in history and in the present. While Buddhist doctrine mainly speaks of “Vehicles” (yana), in a metaphor sense, the history of the tradition is one of many types of journeys with ordinary vehicles. 
Hear about the story of Buddhism told as a development of technologies, infrastructures, trade, and cultural diffusion. Learn how a complex network of people formed a community that translated the Buddhist teaching into actions for their lives and livelihoods.

Professor Lewis Lancaster 

  • Professor Emeritus and founder of the doctoral program in Buddhist Studies of the University of California.
  • Director of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), a research unit of School of Information at Berkeley.
  • Adjunct Faculty member of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong and University of the West, Los Angeles.
  • Present research is creation of an Atlas of Maritime Buddhism with the Maritime Museum of Hong Kong and UNSW.
  • Recipent of 2014 Jogye Order of Buddhism in Korea for his contribution to the study of Buddhism.
  • Has long been engaged in viewing Buddhism through the lens of cultural studies.