Free Public Seminar - Professor Guruge

China and Sri Lanka – Buddhism via the Maritime Silk Road

Nan Tien Temple - Conference Room, 180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley (Wollongong), NSW, 2506

Join Dr Ananda Guruge as he discusses the role Buddhism has and continues to play in the cultural and diplomatic relations between China and Sri Lanka, via the history and contribution of the Maritime Silk Road.  Dr Guruge will discuss how the Great Port Mahatittha was considered to be the emporium mediatrix of the Maritime Silk Road and how its influences are still apparent today

Dr Ananda Guruge

  • International scholar
  • Sri Lankan diplomat
  • Vice President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists
  • Patron of the European Buddhist Union
  • Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the International Academy of Buddhism at University of the West (formerly Hsi Lai University) in California
  • Adjunct Professor of Buddhism, Hinduism and Peace Studies at California State University
  • Liaison Officer to the United Nations and UNESCO for the World Fellowship of Buddhists
  • Chairman of the World Buddhist University Council
  • Editor of Hsi Lai Journal of Humanistic Buddhism
  • Dr Guruge has authored 53 books and published over 175 research articles on Asian history, Buddhism and education