First-person experiences of Buddhist vipassanā meditation practice published in English literature:

Meta-narrative synthesish Seminars 2015

Event Details

Date: 18th September 2015
Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: NTI Wollongong Campus
Address: 231 Nolan Street Unanderra 2526 NSW
Cost: Free

The main aim of this research is to establish the state of first person reports of experiences in Theravada Buddhist vipassanā meditation in English literature. The expected outcomes include a systematic narrative of meditation in four different historical periods, each represented by several texts. In the case of Canonical and post canonical periods, the reports are mainly descriptions of expected stages in meditation, based on the centuries of experiences of unknown practitioners and teachers, with a focus on spiritual liberation. It is hypothesized here that there has been a significant shift in the postcolonial period when the focus of meditation experience becomes individualistic, reflecting new paradigms such as psychotherapy, Western science and commercialisation. An overarching meta-narrative is proposed to describe the state of the accounts of Theravada Buddhist meditation experiences. In this process, the major paradigmatic shifts noted over 2500 years of developments in Buddhism) will be outlined in an attempt to identify the main ontological and epistemological movements in the presentation of Buddhist meditation throughout its history in various cultural and social contexts.