Arts Centre and Gallery

Enhances multiculturalism in the culturally diverse Illawarra region

The NTI Art Gallery & Museum is a learning hub for the campus that currently hosts educational and themed exhibitions of local and interantional artworks. It will provide a significant home to artefacts, artworks and international exhibitions, and complement the cultural diversity of the local community by including selected works from local artists.

NTI’s new state-of-the-art Tertiary education campus and Cultural Centre and Art Gallery is open to students, artists and the community. The aims for the new NTI multicultural Arts Centre and Gallery are to collect, preserve, display, and interpret contemporary and historical works of art; contribute to the appreciation of inter-cultural heritage on a local, national and international level; and to support NTI as a leading teaching and research institution.

Past Events

NTI’s third art exhibition will continue to explore and develop the conversation and related themes of Australian Artists in the Asian Century. being in the moment: art and mindfulness will feature contemporary local artists whose works respond to teachings about mindfulness, and the concepts of attention and awareness. Keynote: Professor Urban Kordes.

Tailored activities will inform potential new students about an NTI education – including presentations, sample lectures, lunch, an art exhibition launch, and a tour. 2013 Graduation will follow, and the day will be capped off with an Art Exhibition Launch for being in the moment: art and mindfulness.