Accredited Professional Development Courses

NTI offers continuing professional development (CPD) in the form of non-award subjects, conferences and seminars, as well as a range of accredited professional courses. These are delivered in a face-to-face learning environment. You will access  excellent, well-researched and relevant programs which have been tailored and developed by academic staff, qualified trainers and industry experts who will deliver these high quality programs.

NTI offers a unique study opportunity that will change the way you look at life and engage with the world around you.

Tailored Professional Development

NTI offers tailored professional development short courses and seminars, that range from two hours to two days in duration.

All programs are researched, developed, tailored and delivered by skilled academics, trainers and industry experts, drawn internationally from specialised fields and delivered in a face-to-face learning environment at state of the art campuses in Wollongong and Sydney. 

Subjects offered include: mindfulness for professionals, wellness through leisure & recreation, coaching, counseling and many more. 

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