NTI Campus Safety & Security

Nan Tien Institute is proud of the uniquely safe, secure, nurturing and accepting environment that it provides all of its students.

NTI is aware that international students may be especially vulnerable by being away from their own home support networks in a new country and can face higher safety and security hazards than their domestic student peers (including students from country and outback regions in Australia who face their own dilemmas) due to different knowledge sets, particular living and travel arrangements and some community attitudes.

Student safety means freedom from the risk of harassment, intimidation, robbery and assault and increased feelings of safety. NTI is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students to enhance their student experience. 

As part of this commitment, NTI subscribes to the 5 Principals set out by Universities Australia (see Universities Australia Report for more information).

The Principals:

1. The quality of the student experience is the paramount consideration to guide action regarding the welfare of students studying at Australian universities.

2. An absolute foundation for the student experience is the provision of a safe environment for study and learning and living.

3. On-campus safety is the responsibility of universities, drawing on the best available practice.

4. Off-campus safety is also a key concern of universities, and it must be pursued in conjunction with relevant external authorities and stakeholders.

5. In all cases universities will seek student and staff involvement in ensuring personal safety and seek to consult with all other stakeholders who can assist in achieving the necessary outcomes.

Student safety means freedom from the risk of harassment, intimidation, robbery and assault and enhanced feelings of safety and reflects enhanced student experience


Personal Physical Safety


NTI’s focus is on fostering an accepting, nurturing, supportive, safe and secure environment for all students – no matter what their culture or background.

Personal Emotional Safety

As part of NTI’s accepting, supportive and nurturing focus, NTI has zero tolerance for any intimidation, harassment or victimisation.

Security of Personal Belongings

NTI’s on-site security is also focused on protecting student’s personal belongings. The accommodation at Pilgrim Lodge is secure and monitored, and carpark facilities are supervised.

First Aid Response

NTI has staff and teachers that are First Aid trained. They are available to assist and advise with any health concern or medical emergency.

Transport & Accessibility

NTI has ample parking to provide convenient accessibility to NTI’s learning facilities. A Bus Stop is conveniently located near the gate and a train station is a short 10 minute walk, making any journeys students undertake safe, convenient and accessible. Those students with wheelchair or limited mobility requirements are also catered for with lift facilities. Safety and security is a focus and responsibility of all members of the NTI community.

Student security contact numbers

To report a security issue telephone: 61 (2) 4258 0700 or 702 if internal

For a major security issue requiring immediate emergency response telephone: 000