Personal and Professional Enhancement

Nan Tien Institute offers a unique study opportunity that will change your life personally and professionally.

This innovative learning environment supports the belief that education is an essential part of a life-long quest for knowledge, skills and wisdom.

NTI caters for those interested in subjects that are connected to Buddhist values and culture, and whose current or future careers link them with Buddhist philosophy, culture, practices and international relations.

Students completing an NTI Applied Buddhist Studies qualification, set themselves up with a unique edge in the fields of:

  • worldwide Buddhist academic university placements
  • teaching Mindfulness and other Buddhist philosophies  in primary and high schools
  • publishing of Buddhist books, magazines, newsletters, and online websites and forums – as well as translations of Buddhist materials
  • Buddhist historians and archaeologists – both out in the field and in museums
  • librarians in Buddhist specialist libraries, or in libraries with significant Buddhist texts and sections
  • health practitioners, including psychologists, psychotherapists, and other mental health professionals involved in holistic health programs
  • international diplomatic relations and foreign aid programs
  • Buddhism monastics.

An NTI education has a strong foundation focused on multicultural and practical life applications. Innovative and distinctive subjects and courses are designed to provide a holistic education.

NTI commenced its tertiary education program in 2011 with a postgraduate Master of Arts program, and is expanding to offer a range of posgraduate, undergraduate, single subjects, and research programs. NTI's vision is to be recognised as Australia's most unique university, providing innovative programs in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, Technology and Buddhist Research.

NTI aims to be recognised internationally for its outstanding location, unique teaching methodologies, world renowned lecturers and researchers, and high achieving and inspirational students.

Take advantage of this unique and forward-thinking educational opportunity. Change your life - take the first steps on 'The Road to an Enlightened Education'. Enrol today!