Academic support

Teacher support

NTI lecturers offer comprehensive support for students - from the accommodating face-to-face lectures and workshops, through to email support, interactive online forums, and telephone support during home assignments. NTI's lecturers are all highly experienced, with extensive international qualifications and experience. All teachers are dedicated to imparting knowledge and furthering the academic, personal lives and careers of their students.  

Meet our Teachers

Peer group support

NTI students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Every class is a supportive and stimulating environment that ensures your also learn from the knowledge and experiences of your fellow students.

International exchange opportunities

NTI's large international support network offers unique, well-supported and academically recognised international exchange and research collaboration opportunities.

Student services


NTI has a library of reference materials and significant Buddhist texts, as well as offering membership to the University of Wollongong Campus Library.

Computer resources

NTI has computers on-campus for student use. The campus and Pilgrim Lodge accommodation are also equipped with WiFi services for student use.

24x7 online access to NTI

NTI's student Portal can be utilised remotely via NTI's website. This provides access to libraries, documents, email services and specific student information.

Student advisor

Each NTI student is assigned a student advisor. This advisor is available to answer queries and concerns during your studies at NTI. Your advisor can also assist with providing advice on the subject selection to tailor your course for best professional and personal benefits.